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At little.kj you'll find minimalistic inspired, heartfelt & affordable gifts for all of life's events. We don't only provide quality options but we've always got the environment in mind, and wherever we can, our products reflect this.


our words to live by;

with the environment in mind; let's look after our home.


our values;

value the environment  |  let's look after our home
value lifelong friendships  |  let's celebrate these
value family  |  let's cherish those moments
value the mind  |  the outlet for creativity
value the simple things  |  minimal is enough; minimal is perfect



now that you've got the scope, here's a little more about kj herself!... 

kj is mount gambier born and bred and has actually just turned 32! Wow, we know! And this "little" side hustle has been in the works for quite a number of years now but it wasn't until recently that this maybe one-day idea has become a today adventure. For years kj has helped friends and family with countless creative projects and now it's finally time that the rest of Australia can cash in.

kj is the marketing coordinator for a local car & truck dealership based in Mount Gambier, South Australia and while she is completely dedicated to her day to day, this new little side hustle allows her creative mind to flourish in different ways and lets her feminine and minimalistic style come to the surface.

Another important note about kj is that she is blessed, or some would say cursed with OCD. And while it's likely that 98% of the time her hand sanitiser is by her side during every creative process, you can guarantee her attention to detail ensures you're getting something designed with the utmost care, but love and personality too.

We think that's enough for now but as new collections are released we think you'll get to know kj even more.