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downloadables & printing.


There are a heap of benefits of downloadable and printable artwork, or calendar & planner files. Once purchased, you're in control of how you use them [to an extent]. You can print and frame them at home, print locally and frame them and it can be much more cost effective than purchasing physical artwork. We'll also mention it's more environmentally friendly - all pieces aren't mass produced in excess, and could potentially go to waste!

how to download.
Once you've purchased one of our downloadables your download link will be displayed at the checkout straight away. A link will also be emailed to you immediately, separate from your order confirmation. If for any reason you haven't received your download link please contact us at hello@littlekj.com.au and we'll arrange for the link to be re-sent.

When you've downloaded your file we recommend you save it so you are able to continue to access it later. All of our files are available to download for 48 hours after purchase, which at that point, your download link will expire. We'll also quickly mention you have only 5 attempts to download your file. If you're having trouble downloading your file, please contact us at hello@littlekj.com.au and we'll help you out.

We have to quickly mention that when you purchase one of our downloadables you agree that you may only use it for personal use and that you, unfortunately, won't be to share, copy, resell or reproduce the downloadable without contacting us and obtaining permission first. Sorry to be naggy, and thanks for understanding!


get the best results.
Here's just a few tips from kj herself to achieve a great print of your downloadable... It might seem pretty easy [and it is], but a few little things can really help obtain a better quality print.

your file.
All of our downloadables are supplied as high resolution files. Perfect for printing at home, or by a local printer.

The paper you choose is important, and in this case, paper isn't just paper. Your general use and everyday copy paper won't give you the same quality results as a speciality paper. We love a matte finish, but we can also recommend any these paper types to get a better quality print;

Matte Photo Paper
High Resolution Paper
Gloss Photo Paper

These are also available at a low cost at our all time fav, K-Mart, along with places like Big W and Spotlight, just to name a few.

your printer.
At home printers are fine, and they have come so far with what you can do with them, but, make sure you check your ink levels! If you are printing with low ink you're not going to get the same results as if you were printing with full or at least half full ink cartridges. Imagine when your pen is starting to run out... You know what we mean.

If you're not comfortable printing at home yourself, please try a local print place which can produce great quality prints at affordable prices. But please remember you may only print your downloadable to use it personally.

a little extra help.
If we haven't quite covered everything for you here, please get in touch at hello@littlekj.com.au and we'll get back to you asap so you can get to work.