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christmasssy recycled card pack


christmasssy recycled card pack


recycled, simple & christmasssy!

need more than a couple of christmasss cards this year? well, that's easy, just pick one of our sets of little.kj christmasss cards, and that way, you'll save just a little bit.

the little.kj christmasss card collection cards are the same size as our other cards [140mm x 140mm], plus they are hand lettered, and you guessed it, printed on 100% recycled post-consumer and FSC certified 300gsm card [and the paired envelope is too, winning!]

all of our christmasss cards are blank inside so you can add your own personal festive message, plus they are also printed with a little "I'm made from recycled..." message on the back too.

please select which christmasss cards pack you would like, then select your card options drop down options above and we'll do the rest!


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